Christopher Gleadle

Christopher’s expertise is founded on a life-times experience at the nexus of economics, environment, social and Governance of Sustainable Viability.  Combined with deep research, Chris removes the silos and bridges the knowledge gaps to design systems (technological, structural, behavioural, economic) to enable the reimagining of decisions. Conducted across all sectors to expose the interdependent impacts of organisational product and service life cycles. Consequently, Chris shows how to create zero-waste systems and to communicate those systems materially. How to break down the silos that impact society and the natural world and how to optimise the circular economy in a sustainably viable manner. How the amelioration of the natural world can be accounted for as a value not a cost. To spur eco-innovation. Author of ‘The 5 Essential Steps to Sustainable Viability’. It is the paradigm of Sustainable Viability where the decision space can be expanded that decision making can be reimagined. To reveal where and why hidden risk prowls to steal value and visualise unintended consequences.  Where value can be captured and created.
The upshot is that Christopher also became a contributor to the development of international standards such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, Greenhouse Gas Accounting Scope 3 & Agriculture Guidance, GRI and material reporting and communication for Environmental Social and Governance (ESG), and Sustainable Development. 
Moreover, Chris’ many papers are regularly cited across academia, and have been recommended reading by notable sources such as UNEP, Thomson Reuters Corporate Responsibility Indices, Finance Middle East et al. As a result, Chris has been invited as Key-Note speaker at international conferences.