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Christopher Gleadle

Christopher’s expertise is founded on over 35 years’ experience working on, and deep research in, designing and integrating technological, structural, behavioural and financial zero-waste systems – working upstream and downstream within and across many sectors to expose the interdependent impacts upon the natural world from organisational product and service life cycles. Christopher first developed integrated impact, audit and modelling tools in the 1990’s. As a result, Sustainable Viability (author The 5 Essential Steps to Sustainable Viability) shows how to internalise externalities from bridging fragmented specialisms and infilling the knowledge gaps. Accordingly, connecting lower emissions and waste with better problem-solving skills, eco-innovation and higher productivity.

In addition to developing and founding Sustainable Viability, Christopher also became a contributor to the development of international standards such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, Greenhouse Gas Accounting Scope 3 & Agriculture Guidance as well as material reporting and communication for Environmental Social and Governance (ESG), and Sustainable Development. Christopher is also CEO of the Paddy Ashdown Forum.

Consequently, Chris’ many papers are regularly cited across academia, and have been recommended reading by notable sources such as UNEP, Thomson Reuters Corporate Responsibility Indices, Finance Middle East et al. As a result, Chris receives invitations as Keynote speaker at international conferences. Christopher also delivers advisory, coaching, education and training.