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Coronavirus Updates

Can Digital Social Innovation Work in Sub-Saharan Africa?: Drawing Lessons from Taiwan’s Successful Pandemic Response

How Taiwan is fighting COVID-19

Chen Chien-Jen, Vice President of Taiwan, is an expert in epidemiology, public health, and preventive medicine. He gives a crash course on how Taiwan is fighting COVID19 (COVID-19) in collaboration with the online education brand, Hahow. This video is a brief multi-language version of the course.

How Taiwan Can Help

LI’s Climate Justice Committee calls on governments to ensure that post #COVID19 stimulus packages to include climate requirements. Replacing one global crisis with another is not the answer. Read the full statement here

From #Sweden to #Taiwan – the jury is out on how governments can best cope with #coronavirus Streamlining what #liberals globally are doing, LI has created a new resource ‘How Are Liberals Fighting #COVID19?’ From advocacy to thought leadership
Thousands of supporters have stood up against corona dictatorships & sent a strong message.
We have followed up on our petition. President @hansvanbaalen has written to @EU_Commission President and @EUCouncil to take action.
Public responses to #COVID19 are an opportunity to further commit ourselves to including #ClimateAction at the heart of our policies
Will the effort to revive the global economy post #COVID19 accelerate #CO2 emissions, rather than avert #ClimateChange ? That depends on whether the world’s big economies use this moment to enact #green policies or continue to prop up dirty industries.
Liberal Vision – our weekly newsletter – is out 📫
As #Coronavirus grips #Europe & autocrats grab power in #Hungary #liberals fight back
LI champions #Taiwan as a health leader that deserves a seat at @WHO’s table
Together with LI President @HakElhaite
, @ALDEParty
President @hansvanbaalen
& @FNFreiheit
Chair @KH_Paque
the #Liberal political family call for #Taiwan to be fully included in @WHO
information exchange & activities as all member states! #COVID19
LI president @HakimaelHaite and @JoelRuet examine the lost lessons of previous pandemics
‘To defeat #Coronavirus and future #pandemics we must realise a global pooling of capacity and #health solidarity’
The #COVID19 pandemic has shown us exactly how much our activity impacts our environment.
As we recover from this #crisis we should remember to prevent the next
Today, #Health & #Education remain crucially important amidst the #Covid19 pandemic!
Our programme for politics in the 21st century is available in 11 languages 👉
ManifestoMondays #Coronavirus
The #coronavirus has been raging through the world wreaking havoc at our borders and destabilising the world order
A global challenge requires a global response
This is our strategy – read LI President @HakimaElHaite’s full statement 👇… #COVID19
On Monday @UN pledged to create a #COVID fund for developing countries.
Part of a package of measures proposed by LI President @HakimaElHaite the day after the pandemic was declared by @WHO, LI will work to make this fund a reality.

The Liberal Democrat Coronavirus Update