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Sphere Economy

The Sphere Economy is a way to make businesses perform better by linking behaviours across different parts of the organization and seeing waste as chances missed. Instead of just focusing on being eco-friendly, it’s about changing how managers work, shifting from just following rules to working together to find new ideas. By using smart thinking methods, we help managers think about their habits in a wider way. As making value becomes more connected because of digital technology, the Sphere Economy helps companies make value more efficiently in a world where things aren’t always predictable.

We show how different parts of a system are connected and how they affect each other. 

As a result, develop understanding to better visualise, analyse and synthesise different options for solving problems. These skills are crucial for improving problem-solving, innovation, productivity, and sustainably viable efforts.

We show how actions have multiple consequences over time, rather than just a linear cause-and-effect relationship. Instead of looking at isolated data points, we help organisations recognise that everything in the real world is connected. This understanding is essential for developing comprehensive, inclusive performance driven solutions to complex problems.

We show how to challenge the usual way we see and do things.

Strengthening connections within a system is key to resilience and overall improvement. 

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