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Global Conversations – The Rt Hon The Lord Mayor Alderman Professor Michael Mainelli


London’s Future Goes Beyond Finance

  • The 695th Lord Mayor’s Ethical AI Initiative with nearly 100 financial firms participating, and in discussions to extend this initiative from financial services to the legal, accountancy, and surveying professions.  100 people have registered to take the course here;
  • The 695th Lord Mayor’s Space Protection Initiative a combined technology and financial services, particularly insurance, initiative to use space debris performance bonds and other financial instruments to keep space ‘clutter free’ in aid of meeting 40% of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals;
  • The 695th Lord Mayor’s Smart Economy Networks Initiative for smart economy networks, beginning with demonstrator projects.
  • “Constructing Science”,, a standard for new build and retrofit lab conversions for those seeking to have biolabs in urban environments.  We are hosting “The 695th Lord Mayor’s Constructing Science: Offices To Labs Initiative” events during the ‘Connect To Prosper’ year;
  • GALENOS – global mental health research project with MQ Mental Health to speed up research by two to three years.
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