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The US Midterm Elections

What the results mean for the future of American politics

Date: November 14th

Time: 18.30-20.00 (London)

About the event

If the Republican Party triumphs in the US Midterm elections on November 8th, a new influx of Trump-approved candidates will enter Congress. What are the consequences of their victory? Will Joe Biden become a lame-duck president? Will he seek re-election in 2024? Will a newly invigorated Republican Party roll back women’s and LGBTQ+ rights? Will Congress reduce or stop support to Ukraine?


Mark Bergman, Speaker Pelosi’s Cabinet of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Washington DC

Martha Elliot, political journalist, author and activist, Maine

Professor Alethea Paradis, Democratic Party activist, California

The views of the speakers are the speakers alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Paddy Ashdown Forum

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