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Ukraine, Russia, And a Destabilised Neighbourhood

A Zoom Event organised by Liberal International (British Group) in association with the Paddy Ashdown Forum.

Date: 21 February 2022 at 18.00 – 19:30 (London Time)

About The Event

The international community is seriously concerned about the situation on Ukraine’s borders. Diplomatic talks have failed so far with Russia demanding that it has a right to a sphere of influence. Ukraine and the EU have not always been included at the table and there have been accusations of a ‘new Yalta’. In the wider region President Putin is obviously afraid of losing his power over the CSTO, having expressed his fears of ‘colour revolutions’. Sanctions against Russia would have adverse effects on European economies too. Is it possible to find solutions via more sophisticated negotiations?

Our expert speakers will give us their insights into the various positions of Ukraine, the European Union and the US / Nato on the situation in February 2022.


Orysia Lutsevych is the head of the Ukraine Forum at Chatham House and a research fellow in the Russia and Eurasia Programme.  

Bernard Guetta is a French MEP in the Renew Europe (ALDE) group. He is a member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and of the Delegation to the EU-Russia Parliamentary Cooperation Committee.

Dr Jamie Shea is a former senior NATO official and professor of strategy and security at the University of Exeter. He is currently an Associate Fellow on the International Security Programme at Chatham House and President of the Center for War Studies at Southern Denmark University.

Chair: Irina von Wiese, Former MEP and chair of LIBG

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