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To advance the education of the public in the subject of national and international governance and the application of system thinking in decision making at the interplay of social, economic and environmental issues.


The Paddy Ashdown Forum will refresh the debate on Climate Change. It will give agency for a route to accelerated mitigation of emissions, pollution and the wholesale effects of climate change. It will achieve these aims through the action of universalism. From inclusion and diversity, we intend to use the richness of difference without distinction to frame the changes of behaviour needed to meet the aims of environmental and bio-diversity protection as actions are framed to the individual within the context of community to spur eco-innovation.

Consequently, human rights and equal opportunities for all are encapsulated as an essential ingredient to communication highlighting the interdependence of the global community and responsible use of the global commons. As a result, the goal of sustainable viability invigorates the liberal fight against extremism and authoritarianism in all its forms as both fundamentalism and clinging on to the perceived wisdom of the past are shown to be barriers to the security and peace of the planet. 

Ultimately, the continuing deep academic research and development communicated through integrated outreach between schools, universities and the workplace will, we trust, ignite curiosity and ingenuity in not only the decision makers of today, but importantly the decision makers, and voters, of tomorrow. This finally, to secure the freedom of choice for all people to be the creators of a better future economically, socially and environmentally.


It is proposed that there will be at least four publications, in different policy areas, each year. These will be co-authored by different members of the academic board and other experts.

Additionally, a publication of a booklet will go to all UK schools and homes explaining Governance from local, national, European and International levels to attempt to resolve the democratic deficit.


Lady Jane Ashdown


Chair: Robert Woodthorpe Browne MBE

CEO: Christopher Gleadle


Director of Projects: Isabelle Pucher

Special Advisor

Rt.Hon.Lord Wallace of Saltaire


Robert Woodthorpe Browne MBE (Chair)

Isabelle Parasram OBE

Mike Wardle

Dr Marcel Steward

Academic Board

Dr Imad Ahmed

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